Adaptability Built From Empathy

First Assistant Director - The Chosen, Only, The Reason, Overcomer, Family Camp


3 Months


12 Lessons & 3 Live Zoom Calls 

Learn firsthand best practices from “The Chosen” 1st Assistant Director, Adam Drake. The best ADs are able to adapt to any and every situation thrown at them. In a course you won’t find anywhere but Aspire Circles, learn how Adaptability Built From Empathy creates a working environment that allows others to thrive, all while setting you apart and making you invaluable to any film project.

About Adam Drake

Adam Drake is an award-winning filmmaker who currently resides in Cookeville, Tennessee. He works steadily on a variety of film projects including movies, music videos, commercials, and other visual media related content.

Drake originally got into the industry as an actor and shortly learned that he not only enjoyed being in front of the camera, but also being a part of telling a compelling story.  He has produced several films including “I’m Not Ashamed” and ”Heaven Bound” (which was made locally in Cookeville and Sparta), as well as various music videos for artists such as Ingrid Andress, Lee Brice, Cole Swindell, and Hayley Williams from Paramore. While Adam has worked on many feature films in various positions, he can primarily be found working as a 1st Assistant Director.  Drake has been an assistant director for over 20 films including “The Chosen” and “Overcomer”.

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