Telling the story through the lens

Cinematographer - I Can Only Imagine, Woodlawn, Mom’s Night Out, Run the Race


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As a Director of Photography, Kris Kimlin is a valued storyteller. Learn from one of the best in the business in this Aspire Course, “Telling the Story Through the Lens”. Kris does a deep dive on all aspects of being a director of photography for feature films. From his process to taking on projects to the importance of having a strong Director/DP relationship, this course is truly one of a kind and will assist you in increasing your skills. 

About Kris Kimlin

Kristopher S. Kimlin is an award-winning Canadian/American cinematographer best known for his work on “I Can Only Imagine”. Kimlin moved to the US when he was young and it was during his high school years where he sneaked his way onto the set of a movie in his hometown and there he was bit with the movie bug. It was in college in New York where Kimlin found a love for photography and then began expanding into the world of cinematography.

His first feature, an independent called “October Baby” was his first partnership with Jon & Andrew Erwin. Twelve years and six films later, the team finds themselves in post-production on the Christmas release of “American Underdog”, the story of hall of fame NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.

With over 17 feature films to his credit, Kimlin also has an extensive commercial and music video catalog, including multiple videos awarded for best cinematography.

Kris resides with his wife, makeup artist Jennifer Kimlin in Nashville & Birmingham.

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