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A class movie in fifth grade, a summer working for Joseph E. Levine in Manhattan when he left Avco Embassy, and writer/associate producer on five 16mm films made at Cornell for National Geographic … but despite this stellar, promising start, I’m really a recently retired pastor’s wife, a mom, and a grammy who homeschooled many years and developed my craft at a snail’s pace. My main project for which I’m seeking guidance (and a producer, actually) is three-pronged: 1) a feature script that was a Kairos Prize semi-finalist and finalist and Recommended by a Hollywood story analyst, and is 2) also set up to serve as a TV series; and 3) a YA novel of the same story, requested for a second look by a Christian publisher.

I discovered Chris’ Dowling’s films via Guy Lia on Facebook, and was blown away by the refreshing realism. So well done, imho Chris is the real deal. (Even his directing, which I’m pretty naïve about—especially of villains!) So I’m here to learn more about screenwriting and the industry, and hopefully get a glimmer of what my next step should be in this mysterious walk we’re all on. I believe God isn’t asking me to figure it out, but is asking me to trust that He already has … and that His plan is good.